How To Create Boards and Categories, and Set Permissions
in YaBB versions 2.1 and 2.2

Contributed by OH Eng

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What is this?

This document is written to help the new YaBB user set up boards and categories in their new forum.  This will be a step-by-step walk through as well as an explanation of why some features work as they do.  To illustrate these concepts, I am using a brand new YaBB version 2.2 install without any added modifications. The only changes I made from the fresh installation were these:

    1. I deleted all existing boards and categories from the new installation. I felt this would be easier for a new user so they can see each step's results without mistaking what is created with what is alread there
    2. I added three post-independent member groups in order to illustrate the various permission level controls
    3. I deleted all standard post-dependent groups except YaBB Newbies in order to fit all the groups in a selection box without having to scroll, so screenshots can capture all groups at once.

If you're new to yabb and don't understand these (yet), don't worry about it.
I'm just saying i deleted some things from the yabb forum that are there when you install it for clarity.

* * * Do NOT delete any of your existing categories and boards! * * *

In fact, leave your categories and boards just as they are. Just realize those won't show in my examples. Pretend yours aren't there.
If you wish to add categories and boards to follow along with the examples, teriffic!